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April 8, 2014

Kaia Sun Run!


The Kaia Sun Run Registration is FULL. Hope you can participate next year!!

Want to be a part of the Kaia Krew?  CLICK HERE to volunteer and get a free shirt!

Kaia and non-Kaia women –  run with us!  Your local Kaia’s are gearing up to host a women’s only fun run.  You don’t want to say, “I wish I was there, it looked like so much fun” :)

  • Super cute tanks
  • Awesome finisher’s necklaces
  • Pre & post race party
  • Great sponsors
  • And all for a good cause!





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January 31, 2014

I’ve been thinking…

I love running stairs! How sick is that? :)

I love running stairs! How sick is that? :)

I’ve been thinking… About how much I LOVE fitness. I’ve been infected with the bug, that’s for sure. I love working out, coaching people while they workout, talking to people about how their workout was, writing workouts, reading about workouts… You get the point. I’m kind of… Obsessed? Maybe. But here’s my point- how the heck did that happen?!

As a kid, I was active but never played any organized sports. Out of high school, I served tables while I went to college and considered being on my feet each shift my activity for the day. I got dragged to 24 hour fitness by a friend of mine (often at midnight, after our restaurant shift) and started actually enjoying working out. Then I started running and that’s when I think I was officially bitten by the love bug. I was a full-blown running enthusiast! Was I the best at it? Definitely not. Was every run a magical experience? HECK no. But the feeling after each run was one of contentment, pride, exhaustion, and overall SATISFACTION.

In the last few years of my life, I’ve had the privilege of making fitness my career. Although I still enjoy running, Kaia has taught me that a tough workout, leaving me drenched in sweat and breathless, is officially my ‘drug’ of choice. Never would I have thought I’d love the burning sensation in my legs after hundreds of squats or my abs being too sore to laugh. I’ve realized I don’t have limits because I keep pushing past them. I’ve learned to live and breath the motto, “Get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

So, what’s the point? The point is, it took me time to get here. I wasn’t a natural born athlete, I had no idea I’d one day workout 5-6 days a week religiously. My point, you see, is that you don’t have to feel the way I feel… Yet. We are all on our own journey. Whether you’ve just started your journey, are in the midst of it, feel the way I do, or haven’t started at all, that’s okay. Take one step at a time. Start by making fitness NON-NEGOTIABLE. Routine creates habit… And eventually habit might turn into a full on addiction! I’m living proof of that!

Here’s to being the healthiest, fittest version of YOU, one day at a time!

Love Your Fitness Obsessed Coach,

December 30, 2013

Kaia Girl Testimonial: Julie O.

Julie O

My Physical Mental Journey to a Marathon…

“Sunday December 8, 2013 I completed the California International Marathon, something I always thought only those crazy long distance runners did, and running a marathon was never on my ‘bucket list’.  Well, that is until I finished my first half-marathon on Sunday March 17, 2013.  After completing the Shamrockn’ half-marathon, I signed up for the full CIM that very afternoon…I’d entered the world of crazy!

After completing two I Kan Tri programs and the associated triathlons, I began to understand persisting through training and getting through the actual events for me is mostly mental, not physical.  There is no doubt that my 21 months of Kaia have made me much stronger physically.  Triathlons, half-marathons, marathons, and many killer Kaia classes later, I know I am physically strong, but the mental strength is something I still battle.

For as long as I can remember I have received many negative messages about my physical appearance (starting as early as age ten I remember being told I was chunky) and my athletic ability (being told I could not run, or that my name should have been Grace because I was so uncoordinated).  When the comments start at age ten and continue into adulthood, it starts to settle in as truth.  So, overcoming those negative messages has been much more difficult than any physical challenge.

When I Kan Run training started, I quickly realized that I would almost inevitably be the last one done with my scheduled run each session of training.  Being one of only a handful of girls training for the full CIM, and being the slowest of those girls meant I was always the last to finish.  Wow, was that hard mentally.  I went into every training thinking there was no way I could possibly get the assigned distance done, and through the entire run I would have to talk myself into each additional mile…what a mental game it was!

A few weeks into training I had to accept that yes, I would be last, but this was MY training, and that was fine.  I had to release the stress and burden I was feeling not wanting people to be waiting around for me, and just run for ME.  Accepting the kindness of my coaches and fellow I Kan Run girls was also necessary—coaches running with me or riding their bikes to check on me or keep me company, fellow Kaia girls and coaches staying at the track until I finished so I would not be alone.  While this was MY training for MY first marathon, it was also a team effort.  My coaches and teammates gave me unconditional support through the entire process, and for that I am so grateful!

Training six days a week, long runs, and seemingly endless loops around the track or around Kaia were all physically tough, but mentally even worse.  My battle to be mentally prepared for CIM was hard, but in the end I did it!  Every time things got tough during the marathon I reflected on my months of I Kan Run training, and heard all those wonderfully supportive Kaia voices in my head with positive, “You Kan do this!” messages.

So, in the end I am proud of my 26.2 mile accomplishment, but I am even more proud of the progress Kaia has allowed me to make changing my mental tape recorder from negative messages to positive messages!   Many thanks and much, much love to my Kaia family!”

We see your courage and your strength everyday and couldn’t be more proud of you Jules. We are lucky to be a part of your family.  Love, Casie, Your I KAN RUN TEAM, and your Kaia Krew
October 30, 2013

Running For A Cause!


One of Sacramento’s best running events is just around the corner! Run To Feed The Hungry on Thanksgiving morning is an amazing way to support the Sacramento community and get a few miles in before your Thanksgiving feast! Although supporting a good cause might be on everyone’s to do list this holiday season, some might avoid running to do so… So here’s your running pep talk for the day!

Out of everything we do at Kaia, including the hardest or most awkward of exercises, I get the most heavy sighs and rolling of the eyes when I say the word “RUN.” I think many Kaia gals would rather do an entire hour of burpees, pull-ups and push-ups than to go for a run.

Why is that?

Well, undeniably, running isn’t easy. It’s physically and mentally tough. It requires determination, positivity and TECHNIQUE.

This last one is very important. Technique makes running better for you (running does not have to = achy knees and ankles) and makes it easier, which, hopefully, will make you LIKE it.

When I started running I was hurting after a mile or two and often felt like I was basically going to die. It only took a few specific cues and recommendations and a good pair of shoes to entirely shift my perspective. Running became a sanctuary. A happy place. Something that was all mine.

I promise you, running/jogging/walking can be this for you too. Give it a try and change your attitude about something VITAL to your health.

Steps to becoming a runner (that doesn’t hate running!):

1. Buy good shoes. 

I highly recommend Fleet Feet. They offer the BEST customer service, watch you run, tell you if you have anything different about your stride and have a fantastic return policy. It’s worth the money.

2. Walk when you need to.

Pushing it too hard when you start running can lead to injury which leads to more distaste towards running. Start slow. Walk and run as much as feels good.

3. Learn good form.

Keep it simple and follow a few basic rules: Lean forward, strike on your mid-foot, keep your feet behind you and avoid crossing your arms dramatically in front of you. For more details about running technique, check out this great VIDEO!

The Run to Feed the Hungry has 5k and 10k options and is the perfect motivation to get out there and start running! Registration closes on November 6th so stop thinking about it and just DO IT! Register under our Team: “KAIA STRONG”

Happy Running!

May 21, 2013

Women’s Fitness Festival!!


Join Kaia FIT Sacramento at the Women’s Fitness Festival on Sunday, June 2nd! We would love for you to run with us or just come check out our booth!

This 5K is a great way to explore downtown Sacramento with your best girlfriends! The run is followed by an awesome expo at the state capitol including lots of food & fitness FUN! Registration is almost SOLD OUT, so sign up today! Click here!

Kaia FIT Sacramento will have a booth & table display. If you’re participating in the run, meet us at the booth for a group picture at 7:20 AM. Otherwise, find us after the race!!

See you there!
-The Kaia Krew

May 14, 2013

Running Shoes vs. Workout Shoes

Competitor Magazine Fall Shoe Review

If you just read that title and said to yourself, “Is there a difference?” then this post is for you!

It is common that people don’t realize the importance of having separate shoes for running and working out, so I decided to write this article to give a little insight and advice!

The style of workouts we do at Kaia include a lot of jumping – up & down, side to side, on boxes, to pull up bars, you name it!  We also do a lot of up & down movements (burpees, squat thrusts, etc.) These kind of movements are rough on our shoes and that’s why it’s important to have a good, stable, well-fitting cross-trainer shoe. This shoe should be dedicated to the gym and the gym only.

For running/jogging/walking longer distances (like our Saturday workouts), you should be using a different shoe altogether. Your running shoe should be used ONLY FOR RUNNING to maintain the support it is designed to give. I highly recommend getting fitted for your running shoe because we all have a slightly different gate (running style) and it’s important to get the right shoe for your stride. The folks at Fleet Feet are very good at spending time watching you walk, run and having you try on lots of options to get you in the perfect shoe!

Running shoes can be pricey, but take it from me- it’s well worth it! Last year I made the mistake of over-training in one pair of shoes and ended up with two stress fractures in my right foot. I would have spent hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes in comparison to my four months of recovery!

So, do yourself the favor and go get some new shoes! It’s a great way to reward yourself for your hard work and keep your feet and knees happy!


December 27, 2012

Workout #7


We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!
Try to get together with a girlfriend for this workout… Get outside and enjoy the winter air!

Reindeer Run

Equipment: Handbag, Resistance Band

1/2 Mile Run

15 Push-ups

15 Spiderwomans (in plank, bring knee to elbow, alt. sides)

15 Squat Jumps

15 Push Press with HB or weight

1/4 mile sprint

15 Tricep Extensions with RB

15 Lunges

15 V-ups

15 Tricep Push-ups (Chaturanga)

1/2 mile run

15 Squat Thrusts

15 Skier Abs

15 Sit-ups

15 Tuck Jumps

1/4 mile sprint

15 Mountain Climbers

15 Squat & Press with RB

15 Thigh Busters

15 Push-ups

1/2 mile run

November 29, 2012

A BIG Shout Out to Our ‘I KAN RUN’ Team!

Erin G. and Sue S. on one of their training runs!

Just 3 DAYS until the California Int’l Marathon takes place in Sacramento! This 26.2 mile journey starts in Folsom on Sunday morning and ends at the State Capitol downtown.

We are so proud of our I Kan Run team, training since July! We have Kaia girls on Relay teams, girls running a half-marathon, and some brave souls running all 26.2 miles!!

The training to get here has been an 18-week journey with ups and downs for all of our runners… But here we are, the week of the marathon, and we have NO doubts that they are going to be AMAZING!

If you’ll be running or cheering on Sunday, look for our ‘Pit Krew‘ – Kaia girls cheering at 10 mile markers adorned in pink tutus! Also, please stop by our Kaia tent near the finish line for a visit or cup of coffee!

Again, a HUGE congratulations to all of our runners for conquering this training program! Good luck on Sunday (even though you don’t need it)!!

Much Love,
The Kaia Krew

October 23, 2012

Top 10 Fall Favorites

One of my favorite things about Sacramento is the change of the seasons. We truly get to experience all four seasons; bearing the 100+ degree heat through the summer months only makes the first rain that much sweeter. It’s officially feeling like Fall outside and I couldn’t be happier! (It is my favorite season after all…)

However, not everyone feels the same way about this time of the year. For some, the first rain marks the beginning of a gloomy season lacking motivation and sunshine… Let’s fix that!

Whether you’re a fellow Fall-lover or already counting down the days until next Spring, I wrote the following list to help you feel a little fonder about Fall this year. Here are my favorite 10 things about Fall!

My Top 10 Fall Favorites

  1. Pumpkin Spice Lattes –  A favorite treat until I read the ‘nutrition’ facts… So, I’ve taken to making this healthy version at home! It’s tasty and makes the house smell great!
  2. Sunday Farmer’s Market under the freeway (W and 8th St.) – I know what some of you are thinking, “That market is year around!” And that’s true. However, it is considerably less crowded on a rainy Sunday morning, the fruits & veggies are not picked over, and the freeway shades you from the rain! I love being at the market bundled in a jacket and scarf collecting my favorite autumnal produce (see below).
  3. Squash- Basically, I love all squash. But it’s easy to get in a squash rut. Don’t just lean on the regular favorites like Butternut or Pumpkin. A couple of my favorites are Delicata and Kabocha! Check out this article from Real Simple all about squash!
  4. Running in the Rain – I hope you didn’t just roll your eyes at me! Running in the rain is one of the most empowering and enjoyable parts of the Fall season. Layer up, buy yourself a good running hat or beanie, and get out there! Jumping through puddles and feeling the rain on your face is a wonderful way to spend your morning! (Plus, you’ll feel like an extra hardcore runner when everyone driving by looks at you like you’re crazy!)
  5. Apple Hill – If you haven’t been to Apple Hill (about an hour from downtown Sacramento), make a trip this year! It’s an awesome place to take the family or go for a fun day-date. Healthy girls, BEWARE! There are lots of temptations up there (apple doughnuts for one)… So be smart and have a little something to eat before you go, grab a coffee while you walk around, and stick to FRESH apples and apple cider. Try this healthy apple pie recipe with those apples you buy!
  6. New Outerwear – I think there is no better excuse than gloomy weather to buy yourself a new piece of clothing! Prepare yourself for those runs in the rain with a rain-repellant jacket or a pair of running gloves! (Kaia winter-wear coming soon!)
  7. Early Morning Kaia Classes – Call me crazy, but there is something really cool about working out on a cold morning as the sun rises! Try to pop into a 7AM class this fall/winter and experience the cool morning air as you sweat! Plus, it allows you to say, “I worked out before the sun was up… What have you done today?”
  8. Home – Most of the year I’m all about being on the go, making plans, and getting out. Not during the Fall! This is my favorite time of year to be home. Buy yourself a few fun scented candles (I love Glade Apple Cinnamon), try a new recipe every week, pick a few favorite movies to curl up and watch, turn your phone off, and RELAX! Fall is a great time of year to catch up on sleep and take care of yourself!
  9. Leaves – Sacramento is the City of Trees, so we must have some beautiful Fall leaves, right? Sure do! Take a drive through the Fab 40s of East Sacramento for a local look at the fall colors. For a day trip, check out this article for the best place to view the fall leaves in Sacramento!
  10. Upcoming Holidays – Did you just roll your eyes again?! Embrace the holidays with a good spirit this year – focus on giving, being with loved ones, and being grateful for the life you’ve created. Be determined to bring healthy dishes to holiday events and don’t let all of your hard work at the gym go to waste over the next few months… Remember, you’ll be making those New Years resolutions before you know it! Stay in shape this holiday season by planning ahead and sticking to your goals!

What are your favorite Fall traditions?

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September 20, 2012

Kaia Girl Profile: Shelbi Ovenstone

Shelbi (left) at the Urban Cow Half-Marathon last year!

Thank you to Kaia girl, Shelbi O. for sharing her Kaia story!
“Kaia…where do I start?
Thanks to a Living Social deal, I showed up to Kaia for my first day over a year ago.  I had recently lost 30 lbs. (incurred by letting go of myself during law school) by training for my first half marathon.  While I was proud of my accomplishment and had fallen in love with running, something was missing.  I didn’t feel out of shape but I didn’t feel…strong.
The first day I was nervous.  Despite being a rather loud, outgoing individual in every day life, I can be quite shy in new situations.  Instantly I was welcomed by coaches and classmates alike. I started in the 9 am class.  Instantly my classmates became my friends and Kaia became my home.  The first workout, heck, the first week, was hard!  But every time I groaned and had to use something to help me get up I knew – THIS WORKS.  At the time, I was out of work and could easily get down on myself.  But no matter what, Kaia was my “happy place.”  A place I could show up at and sweat, smile, laugh, push my limits and feel accomplished.  Finally, I felt STRONG.
I am now in my 4th BRIK session.  I have completed more runs, both with Kaia and individually, including The Color Run (MOST FUN EVER!!!), relaying the Urban Cow Half Marathon with Coach Megan (mere seconds from coming in under 2 hours!), and The Run to Feed the Hungry (in the rain), and many others.  I have climbed the rope and proudly showed off my rope burn.  I have fallen in love with plank rows.  I can do Kaia push ups.  I can do big box jumps.  I have changed my diet.  My coworkers laugh at my affinity for kale.  I am educated, informed, and determined to continue to push myself.  I have gained invaluable friendships and I am constantly inspired by the women who make up this beautiful Kaia Kommunity.
Over the last year, I have had ups and downs professionally, personally and Kaia-ly.  But I know when the dust clears, I can always come back to my “happy place” and feel right at home.  And for that, I am eternally grateful.  My friends, family, and coworkers all know about Kaia.  I’ve talked two friends into joining…and I’m working on the rest (my male friends constantly ask if they can just show up in a wig.)  It’s become a running joke with my friends any time one of us is accomplishing something difficult, in any aspect, to all yell out “KAIA!”
I’ve drank the Kaia Kool-Aid.  I’ve got Kaiaitis.  And I’ll never stop sharing that STRONG is the new skinny.”
May 11, 2012

Take care of the GIRLS!

And by girls, I mean the two in your bra!

It is incredibly important that we, as women, take care of our bodies, both internally and externally! You have already made the commitment to eat healthy and exercise; it’s just as important to make sure you’re taking care of the outside of your body too! As we run, jump, kick and squat thrust, it’s important to make sure we are staying supported.

Not only can unsupported breasts lead to sagging and back pain, it also doesn’t feel good to jump rope or run with the girls on the loose! (Sorry, there’s not a more tactful way to say this!)

Do yourself the favor and BUY A GOOD SPORTS BRA (or two!). I know that the price tags on fancy sports bras can be daunting, but it is well worth it! And let’s be honest, you deserve it!

This weekend (Friday, May 11 – Sunday, May 13) Fleet Feet Sacramento is offering 15% off their Moving Comfort sports bras. I can’t say enough about the importance of a good bra whether you’re a size A or F, especially with how much we run and jump! There are a lot of great brands out there worth giving a try, but I’ve had a great experience with this one personally and so have other Kaia girls. Fleet Feet has well-educated staff on hand to help get you measured and into the right bra. Take advantage of their knowledge (and sale)!

For years I would just wear the cheap, pull over bras or the bras built into tanks, but I could tell I wasn’t getting the support I needed. I’m a 32 DD (can’t believe I just shared my size) and after getting fitted properly and finding the right bra, it has made such a difference! I can run and jump and there isn’t an ounce of pain and I’m not hurting my chest!” –Allison M. 

So, do yourself the well-deserved favor, buy yourself a little 2-weeks of BRIK down present, and get yourself an awesome new sports bra!! You won’t regret it!

Much love and SUPPORT,

April 11, 2012

SPRINTING to a Faster Metabolism!

Watch this video to help improve your sprinting technique and form. Obviously, we won’t be using blocks to start but the rest of the video is completely applicable to sprinting anywhere!!

Last Thursday’s workout was all about sprints and most of you left feeling sweaty, challenged, exhausted and accomplished!

Sprints are hard but they are effective. Running (at a normal pace) is a great calorie-burner but is mostly effective during activity. Sprints are different; you aren’t only burning calories while performing them, but you also continue burning calories for hours (even days) after.

“It is a great tool to help in fat loss, kill stress, as well as increasing your metabolic rate for days. On top of all this, sprinting is a great exercise for your hamstrings and can help sculpt and tone those muscles you would kill to have” says a article.

How to add SPRINTS to your routine:

-Any time we ask you to run or jog a short distance at Kaia, add in your own sprint. Running around the building? Sprint the short sides as hard as you can, recover on the long sides.

– Go to a park or track and sprint for 10-12 seconds (going at 100%), recover with a walk or jog for twice the distance you made it in your sprint. Repeat 5-10 times.

– Stay relaxed! Keeping your arms and legs relaxed during sprinting allows your muscles to work naturally and helps with speed. Land neutrally on the balls of your feet and always be leaning slightly forward.

Sprinting not only boosts metabolism, but also helps with overall running endurance and technique. Challenge yourself and add it to your weekly routine at least once!

Happy Sprinting!


January 20, 2012

Let’s DO this!

Claudia showin' her spirit!

Tomorrow marks our official HALF-WAY point of the Resolution BRIK. Woo-hoo!

With that in mind, be sure to come out for our run at William Land Park!! It ends our “Spirit Week”, as I’ve been calling it, so GO ALL OUT! Let’s get funky and run in our brightest, flashiest, tackiest gear!

I know what you’re thinking, “But it’s going to be raaaiiining...” NO EXCUSES! It’s fun to get a little wet! Plus, when it’s raining it’s actually warmer than it’s been the last two weekends. You will feel so much better after a nice walk/run with your Kaia sisters and you’ll be wrapping up Week 3 as committed as you began!

So, I can’t wait to see all of you tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. at William Land Park. Layer up and park at Fairy Tale Town!

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!” – Every Kaia Coach!  


January 17, 2012

Running Your Waistline OFF!

60 Sacramento Kaia girls at dawn getting ready to run!

We have had AMAZING turn-outs at our Saturday runs this Brik! Thank you for your commitment to this very important day of your training, keep it up!! And, if you’ve missed out on a Saturday or two, vow to make it to the next one. You won’t regret it!

And here’s why:

  1. LOSE WEIGHT- Running is one of the most effective ways to burn calories! You’re literally running your waistline off!
  2. PREVENT DISEASE- Running has been linked to boosting your immune system, creating healthier lungs, preventing blood clots and decreasing the risk of breast cancer (information from
  3. MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER- Running reduces stress and relieves depression. It might be the hardest thing to get out the door and do when you’re stressed or depressed, but it is a great way to clear the mind and think things through.
  4. STRENGTH & ENDURANCE- Kaia workouts and running work perfectly together. Combining cross-training and running are a harmonious relationship because of increased strength and endurance, making you better at both forms of exercise.

Saturday mornings are truly a unique day in the Kaia training program. You get to meet other Kaia girls from classes you don’t usually attend, be surrounded by the best support group in Sacramento and start your weekend off right! Whether you’re a runner, jogger or walker, Saturdays are important! And, I promise, FUN!

Thanks again to all in attendance at McKinley this past weekend. We will see you this Saturday at William Land Park!

“Ask yourself: ‘Can I give more?’ The answer is usually: ‘Yes’. “ –Paul Tergat 


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