March 12, 2014

Hello, Gorgeous!

Hello Gorgeous Salon Owners, April & Hannah

Hello Gorgeous Salon Owners, April & Hannah

We are so excited to have the girls from Hello Gorgeous salon join us this Saturday for a special event! It will begin right after Power Hour @ 8AM! FREE for VIPs, $10 non-VIP.

Here’s the scoop!

“Workout to Workday”

Want to look like you’ve stepped out of a magazine, but only have 30 minutes? We will demonstrate beauty techniques that can easily be executed by the woman-on-the-go.
Presented by Hello Gorgeous
Your premiere boutique style salon, located in the heart of downtown Sacramento.
Salon Info:
Not everyone can be a famous star like Rihanna, Katy Perry, or Beyonce, but you can still feel and look like a celebrity by going to Hello Gorgeous to get your hair styled by professionals. Hello Gorgeous pride themselves in being innovative hair and make-up artists who’ve had the opportunity to showcase their talents in photo shoots, fashion shows, and music videos.
The stylists at Hello Gorgeous are; masters of their scissors, queens of the blow dryers, and are ready to create celebrity inspired custom color, just for you. Their mission is to leave you feeling like you’re ready to hit the red carpet at a Hollywood premiere. Tap into your inner Hello Gorgeous Girl and face the world head on!
March 6, 2014

Let’s ROLL with Dr. Bell!

foam rolling

FOAM ROLLING CLINIC this Saturday (3/8) following Power Hour!
(Clinic will begin a few minutes after 8AM.)

FREE for Kaia Sacramento & Carmichael VIP members (auto-pay), $10 for non-VIP. MUST bring a foam roller to participate! This is a hands on, how-to clinic! 

Join us as Dr. Bell teaches us the benefits of foam rolling for working with and preventing injuries! Never foam rolled before? Have a foam roller but never use it? Foam roll regularly but want more techniques? This clinic is for YOU!


Foam rolling is a healthy habit to develop, here’s why:

  1. Increased Mobility
  2. Quicker Recovery
  3. Injury Prevention
  4. Better Flexibility
  5. Feels Really Good! (Well, most of the time…)

Self Myofascial release may be performed using your own body weight and a foam roller. Foam rollers are inexpensive and a great investment! Foam rollers will aid in getting rid of muscle tightness, injury prevention, increasing flexibility, increasing range of motion, and they may help with breaking up scar tissue. The gentle and sustained pressure on the soft tissue will result in softening, lengthening and breaking down of scar tissue or adhesions between skin, muscles and bones. There are different types of foam rollers with different densities; some are very soft, while others are very firm. If you struggle with flexibility and muscle tightness start with one in the middle, and then when you see improvements, you may want to invest in one with a higher density.


Dr. Bell is from Grass Valley California where he grew up and went to high school and developed a love for athletics.  He was a co-captain of his high school football team and an all-league offensive lineman.  He then moved on to college at Santa Barbara City College where he was an honorable mention on the defensive line despite being one of the smallest linemen in his league. Dr. Bell graduated Magna Cum Laude from Sacramento State with a degree in Kinesiology. Due to his passion and love for sports Dr. Bell then went on to Palmer West Chiropractic College where he could study sports medicine and become an expert in injury and sports care.

He is a family man,  married to his beautiful wife Jennifer and loves to spend his time with his Golden Retriever Moose.


-Valedictorian Palmer West Chiropractic College

-Sports Council excellence in on field participation

-CCA award for service to the Women’s Wellspring Shelter in Oak Park for dedicated service to the ladies there.


Full body Active Release Technique certified

March 5, 2014


Squat Challenge

This session, we’ve decided to focus on one of the most fundamental, functional, and necessary movements… SQUATS!

In addition to working on perfect squats each day in class, we also have a challenge going on – “Drop it like a Squat!” Everyone chose a starting number on the first day of the session (1, 11, or 21) and are adding one squat each day! Hopefully everyone is keeping up on the challenge and getting stronger and faster! If you fell off the squat wagon, jump back on! Today is 17 Squats for Balance, 27 for Strength, and 37 for Kaia level.

Our squat challenge includes a competition for the best squat photo! Check out the ones submitted so far by clicking HERE! And keep ‘em coming!

Questions about squats? Are you doing them right? Check out this awesome article and photo guide to doing squats correctly!

Happy Squatting! 

March 3, 2014

Punching Mama!


We are so excited to have Kathy Saephanh, owner of Punching Mama in Sacramento, join us for a workshop on March 22nd after Power Hour! Read about Kathy and the upcoming Self Defense workshop below! 


Kathy Saephanh has been practicing martial arts for two years and it didn’t take long for her to see the value of practicing the practical aspects of martial arts, which we call Self Defense.  Her journey took her to Jacksonville, FL where she trained intensively in Pekita Tirsia Kali under Master Apolo Ladra, as well as in Kickboxing, Krav Maga and a bit of Taekwondo under Chief Master Bill Clark.

Because of her growing interest in self defense and combat, she also explored the teachings of Hoch Hockheim for hands on combat, and firearms at Frontsight Firearms Training Institute in NV.
Kathy believes that everyone should know, or at least grow an understanding, on how to protect oneself from violent encounters or dangerous situations involving threats to one’s family or one’s own life.
Besides her passion for martial arts, Kathy’s teaching background includes yoga, Jeanniefit Hip Hop Fitness, Flirty Girl Fitness, pilates, and bootcamp. She is certified in both Kickboxing and Krav Maga, and is the owner of Punching MAMA Self Defense and Fitness.
“Can You Defend Yourself?” Self Defense Workshop by Punching MAMA
The most effective tools to include in your arsenal is awareness, and readiness…and a bottle of pepper spray, of course.  But what if that’s not enough to protect yourself from becoming a victim?  Are you REALLY prepared?  What if you’re fatigued, or your attention is divided, and you’re completely caught off guard and not in the best condition to fight back?
Ladies, let’s get real.  I’ve spoken to many students – men and women – in my classes who’ve admitted they wouldn’t know what to do in the face of violence or dangerous encounters.  Or by the time it occurs to them that they’re in that situation, it’s too late.  Are you one of them?
Together we’ll learn how to defend ourselves through verbal communication, and if that’s not enough to de-escalate a fight, then you’ll be given the proper tools through to handle yourself through physical contact.
We’re partnering with KAIA F.I.T. to offer this amazing workshop for YOU – KAIA girls – to take upon this opportunity to learn how to FIGHT BACK and SAVE LIVES.  See you there!
March 1, 2014

Kiss me I’m a Kaia Girl!

Race Shirt

The Shamrock’n is a half marathon race where loads of Kaia Girls and other Sac natives will be running through the heart of Sacramento!  The race is on Sunday, March 16th and starts around 8am.  It starts and finishes at Raley Field and runs through downtown and the Capitol Park.

If you are running the race… Good LUCK!  We love you and will be there to cheer you on!!!

If you want to cheer on your fellow KG’s bring an Irish Coffee :) , a LUCKY CHARM Shirt, and tutu!!!  CLICK HERE for the course map.

Runners and Cheerleaders buy your Shamrock’n Race Shirts online!  Only $20 for a beautiful technical T!  Kaia pays for printing and shipping!!  Get your orders in by WEDNESDAY March, 5th.  You will pick up your shirt at Kaia Sac or Kaia Carm.  CLICK HERE to place your order.  Go to the Online Store and select your size.

Wear your LUCKY CHARM Shirt to Kaia on St. Patty’s Day!  Don’t get pinched! :)

February 25, 2014

Yes you KAN!


> Do you want to run your first race ever?  The 5K Training Program is for you!!!

> Have you tried a few 5K’s?  Want to add in some extra workout days to stay on track with your goals?  Want to step it up a notch?  10K Training is for you!!!

> Have you been looking for a challenge?  Want to get in great shape for summer?  Are you looking to increase your speed and endurance?  1/2 Marathon Training is for you!!!

Last year the I KAN RUN Team made quite the impression on Sacramento!  We had a huge team of exceptional women.  They loved every minute of training and that amazing feeling you get crossing that finish line!  Join I KAN RUN 2014 and be a part of the TEAM!

$20 off the program fee if you sign up in the next 4 DAYS!!!  Don’t wait! (enter the passcode: February)

For more information and to sign up – go to

February 24, 2014

Meet Your Mentor!

KFC Mentor

Meet your Kaia FIT Carmichael Mentor Kathy D.!

“Kaia has been an important part of my life for 2 ½ years now…….the journey began in August 2011 with the desire to lose weight for my son’s wedding the following May. The beautiful wedding day arrived and I am proud to say that I achieved my goal and had lost 20 pounds and many inches but what I found most amazing was that I felt fitter and more confident than I had felt in years. It was like I was glowing from the inside out! Kaia had become so much more to me than just a means to shed excess pounds. It had become a new mentality….a new way of believing in the power of me and my body….not just what I looked like from the outside but the inside knowledge that if I fed it right and kept it moving, my body would do most anything for me. I love this knowledge and I love this feeling!

The journey was not easy — I was overweight and I hadn’t worked out in years. Those initial workouts were hellish and I thought I might die a few times….but I survived and I never left a workout regretting the fact that I came and I conquered. It was the BEST way to start my day. Each day and each workout became a bit more manageable and with time, I was rewarded with increased strength and weight loss — I was hooked on every part of the process. That said, I could not have accomplished this without the unfailing support and encouragement of the Kaia girls and coaches around me, each so special in their own way……we push, we encourage, we laugh, we curse, we groan, we care, we chat and we never fail to have FUN! The power of this sisterhood can’t be under stated — it is so very special. Thanks to each of you that have encouraged me and continue to help and push me every day.   I hope I do the same for you!  As a Kaia vet, Casie has recently asked me to be a mentor to all you Carmichael lovelies and I am so excited to serve in that role: to answer your questions, to provide support and to help you achieve your own personal goals.  Just ask – I am here for you!

I truly believe that each of us is capable of amazing feats and I am so thankful to Kaia for providing the push I needed to rediscover some of my AMAZING! I love my workouts, my morning hikes, kayaking, skiing and even running…….I love knowing that I KAN if I want!! I have become an evangelist in spreading the word to my friends, family and anyone else that will listen… is not too late….get moving and get healthy….you will love the way it makes you feel in so many ways! Just get off the couch and DO IT!!! You KAN!”

- Kathy Deguerre

Wow Kathy, you are such an inspiration.  You’re strong, you’re happy, you’re a great friend, and a true leader.  We are lucky to have you as our Mentor.

Kaia Carmichael Girls – contact Kathy before or after her 6am class or email her if you ever need motivation, nutritional guidance, help with skills, or an awesome hug :)  We will send you her email this week!  Stay Konnected!  xoxo

February 21, 2014

FUNctional Fitness!

What's more functional than pushing a car?!

What’s more functional than pushing a car?!

Here at Kaia, we like to emphasize functional fitness. Our goal is always to teach our members how to move properly, practice good form, and stay mobile & active for the long term! However, just because it’s functional, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! In fact, I’d like to say we put the FUN in FUNctional! 

Last weekend, at our end of BRIK party, one of the stations was a truck push and our Kaia girls rocked it! It was so much fun watching the teams work together and I just kept thinking, “Our Kaia girls sure are fit!!” 

This new session, “A Body in Motion” is really focused on momentum. Let’s keep that BRIK spirit & determination going strong as we keep our bodies in motion every day! Focus on learning new skills, pushing your limits, stepping outside the comfort zone, and practicing FUNctional fitness! 

February 20, 2014

Joanna’s Revolutions!

Holly & Joanna getting their squats done at work!

Holly & Joanna getting their squats done at work!

Kaia Sacramento 7AMer, Joanna M., kicked some major butt over BRIK! She gets stronger & faster everyday and was actually our runner up for Kaia Queen! She reflected over the 6 weeks of BRIK with the following Revolutions and we thought they were so motivating, we had to share! Thanks Joanna! 

My Kaia Revolutions (First Time BRIK):

1. Despite what is projected in the media, and what we sometimes encounter in our professional lives, women CAN support each other in reaching their goals, CAN co-exist without jealousy or negativity, and CAN join together for a common good! From day one in my 7 am class, I had girls introduce themselves with a smile, help me figure out a burpee, and lend a hand for a box-jump!

2. I can commit to something and not flake. I can show up and challenge myself. I can get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Life is a series of choices.

3. Real food tastes good! Real food doesn’t come in packages with words you can’t pronounce. Real food powers your body!

4. Getting up early every day is kind of awesome! (This coming from someone who used to work night shift and sleep until 1 p.m. on days off).

5. That feeling after a really good workout!

6. Doing something that makes me feel good, just for me, makes me a better person, better friend, better wife, better student, and better nurse.


8. Cute workout clothes are kind of addictive:-)

9. Green smoothies….Mmmmmmmmmm.

10. Raise the Bar-AIM HIGH!

February 19, 2014

Kaia Celebrity!

Focused on Murder

Our very own Kaia girl, Linda Townsdin (Carmichael 5AM), is a published author! She recently wrote and published a murder mystery, “Focused on Murder”. We are so excited for her and I must admit, I’m a bit star-struck! Congratulations, Linda!! - Megan & The Kaia Krew


Focused on Murder: A Spirit Lake Mystery

Britt Johansson, a kickass photojournalist with a big heart and bad social skills follows a coed’s murder to the wilds of the US/Canadian border and lands in the crosshairs of an international crime ring…

Only this time she’s in way over her head.

Now available on in paperback and Kindle editions.

Advance Reviews

Focused on Murder puts you in the cold world of Minnesota’s Boundary Lakes region in the dead of winter…and in the cold world of killers. This well-crafted tale of jealousy and revenge will leave you stunned. A “Who Dun It?” with a cast of characters who warn you to stay out of the woods tonight.—Michele Drier, author of Edited for Death and Labeled for Death

Britt Johansson is a captivating amateur sleuth and Townsdin writes her story with a skill and insight that makes it hard to believe this is her first novel. I only hope there are more to come soon.—R. Franklin James, author of The Fallen Angels Book Club

An exciting read through the lens of a spunky and engaging protagonist, tough on the outside, with a fiery heart and cool sense of humor on the inside. Britt’s work as a photographer overseas steeled her to stand her ground in the face of enemies, but in this gripping novel she must also do battle with the good guys to bring into focus who is who to solve a shocking murder and other criminal acts, hidden in the snowy winter of Minnesota.—June Gillam, author of House of Cuts

Townsdin skillfully moves her action-packed story forward with escalating tension, holding me captive as a reader. Several of the main characters remain strong in my mind and I will enjoy following their adventures if a sequel presents itself.—Gail M Baugniet, author of the Pepper Bibeau mystery series

About the Author

Linda Townsdin writes mysteries, short stories and poetic fiction. She worked for years in communications for nonprofit and corporate organizations, most recently as writer/editor for a national criminal justice consortium. Townsdin’s work included editorial and marketing assistance in projects involving cybercrime, tribal justice and other public safety issues. Her short fiction has been published in several anthologies, including the 2013 Capitol Crimes Anthology. She lives in California with her husband, and wouldn’t trade her childhood in Northern Minnesota for anything.

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February 14, 2014


A little pregnancy doesn't stop Donna from kickin' A$$!

A little pregnancy doesn’t stop Donna from kickin’ A$$ at Kaia!

As we conclude our 6 weeks of Revolution BRIK, let’s see how it went!! Post your answers to comments!


1. How many BRIKs have you participated in?
a. This was my first!
b. 2-4
c. Too many to count!

2. How did this BRIK go for you?
b. Pretty good with a few hiccups
c. No comment.

3. What is your favorite thing(s) about BRIK?
a. The workouts
c. Saturday Runs
d. Nutrition/Detox
e. The spirit with my class
f. When it’s over.

4. Share one of your favorite BRIK moments with us! 

Thank you for being a part of this awesome BRIK session! We hope to see you all at our BRIK party/workout/potluck tomorrow (Saturday) at 9AM at Kaia FIT Sacramento! Please bring a dish to share!

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February 13, 2014

Behind the Scenes: Kaia Coach Certification


In a couple weekends, we get to be the proud hosts of a Kaia FIT Coaches Certification! The Kaia women that started it all, various location owners, and about 50 coach hopefuls get together for a weekend of Kaia fun!

Since Kaia Sacramento gets to be the host of the upcoming certification, we thought it might be fun to share what happens behind the scenes!

Being certified as a Kaia coach is a fun and challenging weekend. Starting on Friday and ending on Sunday afternoon, coaches learn about our most common exercises, form, teaching flow, movement cues, nutrition, and so much more!

The weekend often includes a timed mile and more workouts than you can count! The weekend tends to alternate between hands on coach ‘how-to’ and seated class time studying and learning about anatomy, nutrition, and other fitness basics. Certification concludes with a written and practical exam.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it?! When I was certified in 2011, I walked away from that weekend in awe of the Kaia community. On Friday, I started surrounded by strangers and by Sunday I felt like I was with family! Truly an inspiring and educational weekend… That leaves you more sore than you can imagine!


February 6, 2014

The BRIK Bracelet!


At the half-way point of each BRIK, we hand out a bracelet. A simple rubber bracelet with the name of the session… But it’s SO much more than that! 

These BRIK bracelets are a reminder to stay on track. They are a sign of accomplishment and hard work. And after a year or two at Kaia, that collection is a statement of your dedication and commitment to health & fitness!

Wether you wear your bracelets to class, wrap them on your water bottle, or have them somewhere special at home, you should be proud!!

Wear this session’s wrist band through the end of BRIK (and beyond) and let it be a constant reminder of your priorities! Reaching for something naughty in the fridge? Look at that bracelet and back away!! Reaching for the snooze button? Look at that bracelet and get your butt out of bed!

Keep working hard and let’s finish these last two weeks KAIA STRONG!


February 5, 2014

Smoothie In A Box!!


We are excited to announce a new program for our next session, “Smoothie In A Box!” Here’s what it’s all about!

  • “Smoothie In A Box” provides you with a box of fruits & veggies to pack your smoothies with
  • Boxes are delivered to Kaia FIT Sacramento and Carmichael once per week
  • You can opt for 1 box (Week 1), 3 boxes (Week 1, 3, & 5) or 5 boxes (1 per week)

Our next session, “A Body in Motion”, will feature a Smoothie Challenge so this might just be the perfect way to get started!

How to sign up: 

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Smoothie In A Box” on the lower, left hand side
  3. Click on “Order Now”
  4. Choose your pick up location & time (Sac AM girls pick Wednesday, Sac PM girls pick Thursday)
  5. Decide how many boxes you want – 1, 3, or 5!

Sign up by February 17th!!

Questions? Email us at 


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