February 4, 2015

The Mother of all Kaia’s!


Cynthia is my mom, and the official Kaia Mama!  5 years ago, when we opened Kaia FIT Sacramento, Cynthia was intimidated and scared to death to start our first BRIK.  But being the supportive mother that she is, and the lovingly bossy daughters we are…  She started BRIK with all of the other brand new Kaia Girls that January.

She has been a marathon runner and an athlete for years, but the thought of joining a group of hardcore women didn’t sound like much fun.  She was worried she couldn’t keep up and would feel like an outsider.  She surprised herself and was one of the strongest, most brave, and empowered women to come into the gym.

What we started in Sacramento and in Kaia’s all over the nation was not only a fitness program for anyone at any age or any level, but for a group of women who come together and want the same thing…  All nervous, all intimidated, all wanting to get fit, feel strong inside and out, and to create an environment where women are loved and welcomed.

Cynthia went on to go open her own Kaia!  She is the proud, successful and beautiful owner of Kaia FIT Fallbrook in San Diego.  She is now 63, and didn’t mind me sharing her age :) because she is young, and full of life.  She had 5 daughters that she practically raised on her own, she worked in a hospital for 25 years supporting all of us girls, she survived kidney cancer, recently walked a 60 mile race to support cancer survivors, she can hold over a 4 minute plank, practices her pull-ups on her door supported pull-up bar every night (she’s up to 4 deadhang pull-ups), and is a true inspiration and a leader to hundreds of women.  We love you mom and wouldn’t be where we are today with out you.

Love, all of your Kaia daughters…

Join our supportive group of women for our AWAKENING Core Session beginning February 16th Click [here] to register! We are about 88% full!  If the class time you are interested in is full, please email us at KaiaFITSacrmento@hotmail.com and we will try to get you in ASAP!

Kaia FIT Sacramento & Kaia FIT Carmichael are also currently hiring!  We are looking for experienced group fitness coaches and running coaches.  Please email us your resume and we will contact you!  KaiaFitSacramento@hotmail.com.

January 28, 2015

Rising Tide…


Back in the 1910’s and 1920’s women were denied the right to vote.  It was said that their place was at home; that women were too sensitive to make difficult decisions and that they were not educated enough to make an informed choice.

A woman named Alice Paul and many other brave women began an UPRISING.  They held secret meetings, wrote letters to the President, and they spread the word to women all over the United States to encourage them to stand up for their rights.  Women suffragettes were the first protesters to stand in front of the White House.

Thousands of women were imprisoned, mostly for public order offenses, and sentenced to several months or even years in prison.  Many women then lead a hunger strike and were starving themselves in prison.  Word spread about the treatment of women in prisons and there was an uproar that the administration could not ignore.


We have less than 3 weeks left in this CORE Session.  Come in with all your strength, energy, courage and compassion.  Set your intentions, work hard, don’t let anything stand in your way.  Wear your wristband with pride.  No matter how the first half of BRIK went – don’t look back.  Look forward and charge the finish line!  You ARE a brave leader and have the courage and strength you need to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

We have your back!  Please reach out to your Head Coach, your Team Kaptain, your KAT Team, the girl in class next to you.  Encourage her, help her, and finish this BRIK!

Check this week’s schedule:  click [here]

If you are not a VIP girl yet, now is the time!  Classes are already almost full. Please register ASAP: click [here]


When just a few women stand strong, it can lead to an uproar of women doing incredible things!  Together, there is nothing we can’t do!!! 


January 22, 2015

New Baby!


One of our fearless, strong & beautiful coaches is 15 hours deep in labor today!!

Kelly has been a Kaia Girl for 3 years and a Kaia Coach for over a year.  She is a Kaiathlete, a runner, a triathlete, an avid cyclist, an environmentalist, and a BEAST in the gym!

Last year Kelly had complications with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and had to undergo painful surgery.  Not only was she grateful that her fitness and health lead her to an early diagnosis but also to a speedy recovery.  Since then she has been bursting at the seems (literally & figuratively) to get sweaty and maintain a healthy pregnancy, and up until just a few days ago Kelly was even rocking pull-ups, deadlifts, and box jumps!

Lots of love Kelly & Baby K Hops. We are so proud you are and are in awe of your strength and courage.  Super Mama’s unite!

Happy Birthday Baby!!! We cat wait to meet you!!! <3 <3

(To check this week’s schedule click [here])

January 14, 2015

We have a secret…

different foods in stomach

Fiber is one of those mysterious things that we all know is important, but don’t really understand!?  Well, let us tell you… Fiber is the secret to weight loss, cancer prevention, and a MORE ENERGY!

Calorie-per-calorie you can eat 4 x the amount of chicken as you can fresh vegetables and not feel as full.  For example you can easily eat 400 calories of chicken, but 400 calories of vegetables is a challenge!  Chicken will make you feel more full over a longer period of time, because it contains no fiber and will sit in your stomach longer.  This is bad for two reasons: (1) because your metabolism will slow down, and (2) your colon doesn’t have to work as hard to get the food through – no fiber to “chew up” and, therefore, your colon gets weak.  A weak colon leads to gas, constipation, stomach and colon cancers, a slower metabolism, and feelings of weakness or lack of energy.

A diet high in fiber does make you feel hungry again and again because your metabolism turns up to hyperdrive and because those foods move through faster with a good working colon.  Eating more small meals a day is ideal to keep your insulin from spiking and to help reduce fat storage.  You burn approximately 7 calories for every gram of fiber you eat!  That’s right!  Burn calories just by eating high fiber foods!

Remember it takes time to build a stronger colon. When you fill a lazy colon with fiber it will get stuck there. You will feel bloated and gassy. Drink a lot of water and give it a week!  Stick with 35g of fiber most days and it will help you build a stronger colon over time. You will eventually get on a “regular” schedule and will feel lighter and leaner!

Click [here] for a list of high fiber foods.  Good luck with DETOX week!  You can do it!!!

Happy colon = happy life <3

Click [here] for this week’s schedule.  We changed our Saturday run location so make sure you check the schedule! 

January 7, 2015

I’m a woman. Hear me…


1918 – photo by Lt. Lubbe National Archives

When women mobilize, they can do some amazing things.  We are strong, we are brave, we are passionate and compassionate.  When we get together, there is nothing we can’t accomplish!

So… although we have different goals and our motivations may differ, we are all on the same path.  We want to be happy, we want to be healthy, we want to make a difference.

We have this rare opportunity, as a community of women, to band together and create the life we so deserve.  To help build each other up, be kind to each other, and be as supportive as possible – all we need to do is SHOW UP!

Make it through week 1…  Begin taking steps (even small ones) toward your goals and reach out and help your fellow Kaia Girls do the same!

To find out what is going on this week CLICK HERE!  Please reach out to your coach if you have any questions regarding nutrition, food journaling, or the Kaia Uprising Challenge!  Can’t wait to see you at the gym!

December 31, 2014

Your PIT Krew


With the new session starting on Monday we are giving a shout out to your PIT Krew.  Supportive husbands, family members, or co-workers who listen when you talk about sore muscles, crazy socks, killer workouts, push-up challenges, green smoothies, bowel movements, back burn (you know what I mean), and all the funny things that they just had to be there to really get.  We appreciate you!

Shawn, Kaitlyn’s Fiancé, has been there to support Kaitlyn and they have had a blast together, getting fit and taking names!  There are hundreds of Kaia husbands, friends, and families out there who have been asked to sacrifice and get on board with their Kaia Girl’s quest for health and happiness.  We want to say THANKS.  That your support is vital to our success and we couldn’t do it without you.

Of course, your Kaia sisters have been an endless sea of support and love.  THANK YOU TOO!

If you are NEW TO KAIA and just about to start your Kaia adventure Monday morning, we have all been in your shoes, nervous walking in that front door.  We will be your PIT Krew!  We are here for you!!


December 25, 2014

Happy Holidays, Love your Krew!


Your awesome Kaia Krew Christmas Pajama Party!

We hope your day is filled with love, family, friends & fitness!  Eat a big yummy meal (don’t forget your greens) and go for a family walk today <3  Post your family fit pictures on Facebook!  Click [here].

December 10, 2014

The deal of the DECADE!

Strength in Numbers

NEW TO KAIA!  Kaia FIT Sacramento & Kaia FIT Carmichael are offering a once in a decade deal for the upcoming BRIK Jan 5th!  Gather your newbies…  Only $59 for six weeks of awesome workouts, nutritional guidance, fitness assessments, post party, free swag, and all the amazing things included in our BRIK session!  This session we are offering $59 to brand new to Kaia girls… the more the merrier!

NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS are coming and Kaia is the way you’ll get there.  Just trust in us and the thousands of other women who have come before you.  We take the stress out of exercise and nutrition and help you to reach your goals, big or small!

SIGN UP TODAY because classes will be full!  First come, first serve, so just jump in head first!  We will be there for you every step of the way.


For more information click [here] or email: KaiaFitSacramento@hotmail.com

December 3, 2014

The long road to Boston…


17 weeks ago I stepped out of my car and headed toward a group of people with a pit in my stomach and unsure of my decision to embark on this adventure again. Upon approaching I soon realized that I did not recognize a single person. I thought eventually someone I knew would come running up but that never happened. Where are the giggling welcome hugs for each person coming towards the group? Where is the gentle reassurance that my decisions are right? Where are my Kaia Sisters, my IKan Run Team and our fearless leader, Casie yelling “YAY, this is going to be great!” Did I take a wrong turn? With a deep heavy sigh I knew I was on my own. I would have to dig deep and find it from within to train hard, harder than I ever have to reach my goals.

During my training I had to do things differently to perform at my best for this race. I decided it was not my run training that I needed to change, but other aspects of my life needed to be tweaked. It was right in front of my face and I couldn’t see it. Finally, the light came on! I needed to get back to basics, KAIA! I reconnected with the goals I set for myself over 3 years ago on the first day I walked into the Sacramento gym. I made new commitments to my nutrition, workouts and to myself. I committed to be at every Kaia class from the first day of the fall brik to race day. I committed to eating healthy like a professional runner, but most importantly, I committed to believe in myself and the goals I have set.

In 2012, I ran the California International Marathon for the first time on a very windy rainy day. My hopes and dreams of qualifying for the Boston Marathon vanished quickly as I did not run the race I had hoped and trained for. I was mentally rocked by my less than perfect performance. After a month of recovery, my fighting spirit emerged with a vengeance. In the summer of 2013, I ran the San Francisco Marathon suffering from an Achilles heel injury. It would be all I could do to finish, but Boston never left my mind. To my surprise, I ran a good race and got a personal record inching my way closer to a qualifying time. Last December, I ran the CIM again, this time is was 26 degrees. Thinking this race is cursed and I would never catch a break I focused on the ultimate goal, Boston. All the stars came together that frosty day. I ran well, better than well, fantastic! The amount of support from my family, friends and my incredible Kaia Sisters, with a sea of Pink Tutus cheering around every turn was spectacular. The roar from the Kaia Cheering Squads would fill me up with such energy I knew it was possible to bring it home. There are no words of appreciation I can convey to each and every Kaia Girl for their undying support. With that, another personal best with a run time of 4:04 and with an amazing run, I still had not qualified needing a finish time of 4 hours or less. I was surprisingly happy knowing I had given it my all, but yet there was unfinished business.

Live hard, train harder has rung in my head for the past 3 years. December 7, 2014 will be my fourth marathon. I’m ready. This will be the day I chase my dream. Whether the stars line up for me or I fall short doesn’t really matter, what matters to me the most is that I believe in myself and my goals I set no matter how big or small. My Promise…this is my dream. I will not give up. EVER!

To my Kaia Sisters at Kaia Sacramento and Kaia Carmichael, IKan Run Team, Casie and Coaches; this is where the dreams start. Thank you for helping me achieve mine!


Thank you so much for sharing Sue.  We will be cheering you on mile after mile at the CIM on Sunday!  You are a true leader and inspire everyone around you!  We can’t wait to see you cross the finish line in BOSTON!

Good luck to everyone running the CIM!  We are beyond proud!!

Free posters & markers available on Thursday.  Sign up to man a cheering station at the gym!  

November 26, 2014

Be happy.


Looking back through all the times throughout history we were thinking about, “What era would you have preferred to grow up in?”  The roaring 20’s?  The hippie 60’s?  After throwing around a lot of pros and cons we all agreed, NOW!

As middle class Americans, we have everything at our finger tips.  We are comfortable, we have a huge variety of food available to us, we have clean homes and transportation, we live longer, we have more freedoms, and the world is at our finger tips.

So why are half of Americans on anti-depressants?  Neuroscientists who study higher brain function believe that our brains are constantly looking for something to keep them occupied.  According to an article in Psychology Today the left side of the prefrontal cortex is more active when people feel happy.  In contrast the right side of the prefrontal cortex is more active when people feel sad.  Thus, by learning what stimulates the left and calms activity in the right prefrontal cortex we can discourage or train ourselves to reduce stress and be happier.  To read more about the article click [here].

Below are a few things that trigger stimulation in your left prefrontal cortex.  This Thanksgiving take a few minutes to write down the simple things that make YOU happy!





To watch a beautiful video about gratefulness [click here].  Thank you to our amazing Kaia Krew, thank you to our extraordinary Kaia Girls, and thank you to all our supportive and awesome friends and family.  You make us happy!

November 19, 2014

Rise and Shine!

Motivation 2

Rise and shine.  It’s 6am and your hand can’t make it to the alarm clock before the voices in your head start telling you that it’s too early, too dark, and too cold to get out of bed.

November 12, 2014


Oops!  Here you go!


Kaia Girl and Fleet Feet Coach extraordinaire Taneisha Spain will be coaching the 2015 I KAN RUN team!  Taneisha has been a coach for many years and has a wealth of knowledge and of ton of experience on running form, hydration, fueling, and everything you need to get you to reach your running goals!  Sign up, lace your shoes, get ready for some fun, challenging and motivating training!


Current Kaia VIP Girls $129 if you sign up by Dec. 1st!  Promotion Code: VIP

Non Current Kaia VIP Girls $149 if you sign up by Dec 1st!  Promotion Code: NEWBIE

  • 3 days per week of running and walking training
  • 10 week of training
  • Beautiful long sleeve training tech-t
  • Killer kick off party
  • Tons of swag & nutrition
  • Cross training included!
  • Yoga flow included!
  • Camaraderie
  • Beginner, intermediate & advanced runners all welcome!


Visit the IKR Website [click here] to sign up now [click here]

January 3rd at 9:30a IKR Kick Off Party!  Have a mimosa & learn more about the program [click here]

Running for Shamrock’n to register for the Shamrock’n [click here]

November 6, 2014

Where’s your mojo?


So…  I had this whole great blog written up on metabolism.  But after coaching these last few days I have changed my mind.  What are we lacking?


I think we all have a BRIK hangover!?  Find your mojo today.  Write these 5 things quickly on a sticky note, print them, do what ever you have to do to remind yourself that you have MOJO!

1. Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming!  Stay active, you’ll feel better!

2. Hibernate!?  It’s dark and cold out.  Does that mean that you get to hibernate?  SURE!?  The other 23 hours a day, you are welcome to hibernate.

3. Be strong! Even when, especially when, it’s hard to be strong. You have worked so hard this year.  Don’t un-do it all now!

4. I’m busy, but I’m worth it. When you’re down, when you’re busy, when you’re tired… You NEED Kaia!

5. I <3 My Kaia Girls.  Get here because they need you!  And your coaches will look like this mean Uncle Sam if you don’t show up.

The workouts have been phenomenal! Get here. WE WANT YOU! With or without your MOJO!

October 29, 2014


Healthy Food Guide For The Vegetarian Diet


Can you go 11 days without eating at a restaurant?  Join our Kaia FIT Sacramento & Carmichael girls with 11 days of NO PROCESSED FOODS starting today!

“Every year, the average American eats thirty-three pounds of cheese (triple what we ate in 1970) and seventy pounds of sugar (about twenty-two teaspoons a day). We ingest 8,500 milligrams of salt a day, double the recommended amount, and almost none of that comes from the shakers on our table. It comes from processed food. It’s no wonder, then, that one in three adults, and one in five kids, is clinically obese. It’s no wonder that twenty-six million Americans have diabetes, the processed food industry in the U.S. accounts for $1 trillion a year in sales, and the total economic cost of this health crisis is approaching $300 billion a year.”  – read more from Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss [click here].

This is a new challenge for our Kaia Girls.  Understanding what is contained in the food we eat today can be like understanding the sphinx!?  What is Sodium Nitrate?  Sulfur Dioxide?  Potassium Bromate?  And why shouldn’t I eat them?  There are numerous websites and books out there to address cancer causing chemicals and what they do to your body, but also taking a minute to think about what they are doing to our brains?  Many of these chemically manufactured additives are highly addictive and can alter your brain chemistry leaving you depressed, tired and moody.


No restaurants!  Even the ones that claim they are good for you!  Read your ingredients at Starbucks and watch your drinks.  When you are shopping at the grocery store read labels!  Sauces, noodles, breads, dressings, cheeses…  if you can duplicate all of the ingredients at home it’s a go!  Try to make your own soup this week, eat more raw fruits & veggies, and keep it simple!  11 DAYS!  LET’S DO IT TOGETHER!!

Click [here] to learn a little more about food additives.

Click [here] to check out FoodBabe.com


October 22, 2014

The ULTIMATE Kaia Challenge!

The UTC Logo

What?  A new challenge?  Yes ma’am!  The Ultimate Kaia Challenge has four levels.  Every level has 4 categories:  body weight, gymnastics, weight lifting, and cardio endurance.  The first level RELENTLESS is designed to introduce you to these four aspects of fitness.  You may want to stay a RELENTLESS girl forever or you might want to move up, either way, you are learning and setting goals!

Why?  At Kaia we focus on becoming a “Jackie-of-all-Trades” :)  You don’t want to only be a great runner, or a yogi, or a power lifter.  You want to be a little good at everything and develop your skills as an all around athlete.  The reason?  Our goal is to become functionally fit so you can run, ski, lift, jump, swim, get off the ground, go for a hike, and play in the park for the rest of your life!  Developing your skills as an all around athlete will not only help you get in better shape, but help you feel strong and LIVE FOREVER!  Or at least add healthy happy years to your life.

When?  We have been wanting to add a FIT test that you can carry with you from session to session.  A score sheet that you keep year after year and look back on your progress for years to come.  This challenge is not designed for you achieve in one session, or in a year.  This challenge will give you life long goals and help you set your sights in the right direction.

How?  We are incorporating some open gym time, quality coaching time, and opening our doors for you to work on your skills!  Coaches are trained to watch your skills and divvy out stars for perfect form!  Remember that is isn’t supposed to happen this session, that over the years it will give you goals to improve upon and a way to look back at your progress.

Are you RELENTLESS?  A FIERCE Kaia Girl? A BEAST??  Or a MASTER???  Find out at Kaia FIT Sacramento & Kaia FIT Carmichael.  For questions email:  KaiaFitSacramento@hotmail.com

– Did you participate in the 10lb Challenge?  Score sheets will be available Monday and prizes will be available next week after we receive your 10lb Challenge sheets!

– Did you participate in the KaiaLympics BRIK Champion Challenge?  If you want your scores & scorecards they will be available on Monday!

See you at the gym!



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