November 6, 2014

Where’s your mojo?


So…  I had this whole great blog written up on metabolism.  But after coaching these last few days I have changed my mind.  What are we lacking?


I think we all have a BRIK hangover!?  Find your mojo today.  Write these 5 things quickly on a sticky note, print them, do what ever you have to do to remind yourself that you have MOJO!

1. Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming!  Stay active, you’ll feel better!

2. Hibernate!?  It’s dark and cold out.  Does that mean that you get to hibernate?  SURE!?  The other 23 hours a day, you are welcome to hibernate.

3. Be strong! Even when, especially when, it’s hard to be strong. You have worked so hard this year.  Don’t un-do it all now!

4. I’m busy, but I’m worth it. When you’re down, when you’re busy, when you’re tired… You NEED Kaia!

5. I <3 My Kaia Girls.  Get here because they need you!  And your coaches will look like this mean Uncle Sam if you don’t show up.

The workouts have been phenomenal! Get here. WE WANT YOU! With or without your MOJO!

October 29, 2014


Healthy Food Guide For The Vegetarian Diet


Can you go 11 days without eating at a restaurant?  Join our Kaia FIT Sacramento & Carmichael girls with 11 days of NO PROCESSED FOODS starting today!

“Every year, the average American eats thirty-three pounds of cheese (triple what we ate in 1970) and seventy pounds of sugar (about twenty-two teaspoons a day). We ingest 8,500 milligrams of salt a day, double the recommended amount, and almost none of that comes from the shakers on our table. It comes from processed food. It’s no wonder, then, that one in three adults, and one in five kids, is clinically obese. It’s no wonder that twenty-six million Americans have diabetes, the processed food industry in the U.S. accounts for $1 trillion a year in sales, and the total economic cost of this health crisis is approaching $300 billion a year.”  – read more from Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss [click here].

This is a new challenge for our Kaia Girls.  Understanding what is contained in the food we eat today can be like understanding the sphinx!?  What is Sodium Nitrate?  Sulfur Dioxide?  Potassium Bromate?  And why shouldn’t I eat them?  There are numerous websites and books out there to address cancer causing chemicals and what they do to your body, but also taking a minute to think about what they are doing to our brains?  Many of these chemically manufactured additives are highly addictive and can alter your brain chemistry leaving you depressed, tired and moody.


No restaurants!  Even the ones that claim they are good for you!  Read your ingredients at Starbucks and watch your drinks.  When you are shopping at the grocery store read labels!  Sauces, noodles, breads, dressings, cheeses…  if you can duplicate all of the ingredients at home it’s a go!  Try to make your own soup this week, eat more raw fruits & veggies, and keep it simple!  11 DAYS!  LET’S DO IT TOGETHER!!

Click [here] to learn a little more about food additives.

Click [here] to check out


October 22, 2014

The ULTIMATE Kaia Challenge!

The UTC Logo

What?  A new challenge?  Yes ma’am!  The Ultimate Kaia Challenge has four levels.  Every level has 4 categories:  body weight, gymnastics, weight lifting, and cardio endurance.  The first level RELENTLESS is designed to introduce you to these four aspects of fitness.  You may want to stay a RELENTLESS girl forever or you might want to move up, either way, you are learning and setting goals!

Why?  At Kaia we focus on becoming a “Jackie-of-all-Trades” :)  You don’t want to only be a great runner, or a yogi, or a power lifter.  You want to be a little good at everything and develop your skills as an all around athlete.  The reason?  Our goal is to become functionally fit so you can run, ski, lift, jump, swim, get off the ground, go for a hike, and play in the park for the rest of your life!  Developing your skills as an all around athlete will not only help you get in better shape, but help you feel strong and LIVE FOREVER!  Or at least add healthy happy years to your life.

When?  We have been wanting to add a FIT test that you can carry with you from session to session.  A score sheet that you keep year after year and look back on your progress for years to come.  This challenge is not designed for you achieve in one session, or in a year.  This challenge will give you life long goals and help you set your sights in the right direction.

How?  We are incorporating some open gym time, quality coaching time, and opening our doors for you to work on your skills!  Coaches are trained to watch your skills and divvy out stars for perfect form!  Remember that is isn’t supposed to happen this session, that over the years it will give you goals to improve upon and a way to look back at your progress.

Are you RELENTLESS?  A FIERCE Kaia Girl? A BEAST??  Or a MASTER???  Find out at Kaia FIT Sacramento & Kaia FIT Carmichael.  For questions email:

– Did you participate in the 10lb Challenge?  Score sheets will be available Monday and prizes will be available next week after we receive your 10lb Challenge sheets!

– Did you participate in the KaiaLympics BRIK Champion Challenge?  If you want your scores & scorecards they will be available on Monday!

See you at the gym!


October 17, 2014

Our BRONZE Medal Winner!


Yes, and for last, but certainly not least…  Brigida (another ZDD) won the BRONZE MEDAL in her age division!  This was one of the toughest age divisions and Brigida just took it home!

She did 70 military style push-ups!  That’s right 70!!!  She has gorgeous form and a gorgeous smile.  Brigida is a die hard athlete, runner, Kaia Girl, and loving mom.  With a 6:56 minute mile and huge scores all around she took a Gold in her age division at Kaia Sacramento and Bronze in her age division throughout all the Kaia’s everywhere!

Way to go Brigida!  Your ZDDs, your Krew & all the Kaia Girls everywhere are super proud of you!!!


We were so proud of every one of our Kaia Girls!  You girls really hit it hard and killed it!  We could not be more excited & jazzed about what a bunch of studs we have!! :)

Here is some information to find out your results!
1.  You will be getting your scorecard back next week with a confidential number on it
2. You can then go online and check your scores and final results with your confidential number
3. Celebrate your scores no matter what they were!  Even if you were in 50th place you still gave it a shot and did one or more exercises in Kaia level!  Be proud of where you are and know that you have no where to go but up!!!

October 16, 2014

The Silver Medal Winners!!!

photo 2 photo 1

We had two Kaia Sac Sisters rock the SILVER MEDAL in their age divisions!  Each of them took the silver medal out of all 50+ locations and KILLED their FIT Tests!

Not only did Linda achieve 60 push-ups in 2 minutes and Emily taking a 7:15 minute mile on her timed run, these girls had to score big on EVERY event to earn a medal.  For this KaiaLympics FIT Test – these girls scored high in every exercise demonstrating their all around strength and athleticism.

Linda has been working hard at Kaia Sac for years!  She has been getting stronger everyday, dedicated and driven she has become one of the strongest women at the gym and someone everyone looks up to.

Emily is a student and also works her butt off!  She not only makes it to the gym in the morning before school and work, but she works her @$$ off!  She always wants heavier weight and begs to be pushed and challenged!!!

We are so proud of you both and are constantly in awe of you!  We are proud to have you on our team!

Love, Your Coaches, Kaia Girls, & Krew!!!

October 15, 2014

The Gold Medal Winner!


Yes, that’s right our very own Allison McNamara is the GOLD MEDAL WINNER throughout every Kaia in the land!  She took gold over her own division and EVERY age division of the standing 50+ Kaia locations across the nation!!!

In this FIT test she had to accomplish pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, squat thrusts, double unders, and a timed mile!  She is an all around athlete and has the most beautiful form of any female athlete we’ve seen.

As a mother of two and 5am Zero Dark Diva (the ZDDs), she not only is an entrepreneur (she is a Gold Wellness Advocate with doTERRA) but also kicks some serious @$$!  She has been working her booty off all year to earn the gold.  She has been getting one-on-one double under training, practicing pull-ups with a weight between her legs, and running like a beast!

All of the Kaia Sac girls know her because of her awesome reputation as a leader, a friend, and an animal in the gym.

You’re a rock star Allison.  We couldn’t be more proud.

Everyone of your Kaia Girls, your ZDDs, and your Kaia Krew!



October 8, 2014

Lift for Life


“Weightlifting burns as many calories as cardio, not to mention that the more lean muscle you have the faster your metabolism and the more fat you burn.  Best of all, not only does weight lifting help you get rid of unwanted fat, but also tones and firms your body at the same time.”  9 Reasons Women Should Lift Weight

Women are afraid of getting bulky or bigger, but this is just a myth.  Eating high calorie foods and a high protien diet is what adds bulk to your frame.

Weightlifting takes time to learn, often requires a lot of practice, and the workouts may be shorter than your typical cardio endurance workout!?  But weightlifting is extremely hard, burns tons of calories, and helps you to become more fit faster!

Weight bearing exercises increase your bone density, help with functional movements in other aspects of life, and look pretty bad @$$!

We are excited to add weightlifting to your repitoir of fitness and can’t wait to teach you something new!

October 2, 2014

Don’t miss out! Find out what’s new…

Kaia Plus Logo 1 White

Get ready to change it up and have some fun!  Kaia Plus is what you’ve been looking for!!  Whether you’re in Balance, Strength, or Kaia – this new program will help you kick it up a notch!  Here we go…

KAIA VIP EXCLUSIVE.  Kaia plus is offered to our VIP (autopay) members only!  Don’t miss out!

10 FOR $20!?  10 new classes offered per month, plus free clinics, open gym times, & more…  All for only 20 bucks!

NEW TRAINING PROGRAM!?  Yes, a new training program designed to keep you on your toes.  Set new goals, get more FIT than ever!

YOUR NEXT STEP.  Never plateau, never get bored.  Kaia Vets are getting stronger and faster everyday.  Kaia Plus will open new doors to help you reach beyond what you ever thought possible!

REG NOW!  To find out more information about Kaia Plus click [here].  To register in the Kaia Plus program email us at  Begins this upcoming CORE Session!  Register NOW!


October 1, 2014

FALL in love.

Blog Girls Picture

Lovely Kaia Girls: Leah, Kaitlyn, Malaika, Rae-Nani, Lisa, & Erin

Ready to FALL in L♥VE?  We’re ready to get you in to the gym, starting a regular exercise program, and actually ENJOYING fitness this fall!


♥  Share Kaia with your bestie!  We are offering a fantastic referral program for your friend to join Kaia!!  Your friend turns in a referral card (avail. at the gym) and you get a FREE MASSAGE for you AND your girl!  No way.  Yes way!

♥  Check out tomorrow’s blog post on WHAT’S IN STORE!  We have new programs, new classes, we are ready to turn a new leaf in our workouts and get a head start on the holidays!  You won’t want to miss it – BIG CHANGES HAPPENING AT KAIA!

♥  Not a current VIP and want to become one?  Click [here] to get on autopay.  It’s the best way!


♥  Get in while the gettin’s good!  We are starting a new session on October 13th.  We are already 80% full!  Click [here] to sign up for this upcoming CORE Session and get all the cool stuff listed below.  Don’t hesitate or procrastinate! :)

The most exciting and fun fitness classes ever
Experienced coaches who can help you from day one
Nutrition advice and counseling
Personal training in a group atmosphere (more fun!)
Get results, guaranteed
Great for beginners!  If you haven’t exercised in 30 years Kaia is for you!
If you are training for another event this fall – you need us to help you cross-train!
Get in the best shape of your LIFE!

Let’s get FAST THIS FALL! Turn up the heat, have a little fun, and enjoy the best time of year in Sacramento!

September 24, 2014

Character, courage, commitment

Female Marines Take On Challenges in Afghanistan

Paula Bronstein / Getty Images

On October 11, 2006, in Baghdad’s Rusafa neighborhood, an especially deadly kind of IED blew up a Stryker tank.  The fuel cells in the back of the tank were on fire.  There were four people in the back, one – a woman.  The compartment was full of smoke and they couldn’t tell which way was up.  One soldier lost his leg just below the knee, he screams, “Get out of the hatch!”  Another soldier was non-responsive.  They are taking small arms fire from a roof top about 100 meters away.  A vehicle pulls up behind them starts laying suppressive fire.  The driver of the tank manages to get the hatch door open.  There was chaos, fire and screaming.  Jane Van Wirt, all 100 pounds of her, pulls the unconscious 250lb soldier out of the burning vehicle with her weapon under her other arm.  Getting in and out of the vehicle with all of your gear on is difficult enough on its own.  Van Wirt pulled him out of the burning vehicle with one arm, shooting her M-16 one-handed.  She managed to get to safety and was rescued without a scratch. (Mark Thompson NY TIMES Jan 28, 2013)

We are stronger than we think we are.  Whatever your goals may be, make the resolve to sticking to your commitments.  You set the intention at the beginning of this session to accomplish goals, big or small.  Decide that you’re tough, that nothing can get in your way, that you’re strong, that you will finish what you set out to do.

We are your comrades.  No soldier can go it alone.  No girl left behind!

September 17, 2014

TRI TEAM Super Stars!

Tri Team

Wish the TRI TEAM good luck this Sunday!  They are nervous, excited, and getting geared up to swim, bike, and run their little hearts out!!!  The girls have been training hard and accomplishing new goals every day.  The big day is coming up…

Cheer them on in person:  Nevada City, CA – Park somewhere on Baltic Close or Gaston Dr. and Lake Ln.  If you leave the gym at 7:00a you’ll be there at about 8:30a, the TRI starts at 9am.  Here is the link to the tri website [click here].  Carpool & we’ll go have a big fun lunch after!

Cheer them on via Facebook:  We’ll post a before picture on Kaia Sac’s Facebook Sunday morning.  Leave some comments for the girls [click here] on Sunday morning!

We are so proud of you TRI TEAM.  We are all here to support you and are in awe of your strength and courage!  Can’t wait to watch you cross the finish line!!!  GO KAIA GIRL GO!!!  There’s no stopping you!!!

September 10, 2014

Eat Klean.

Broccoli Video

1. Hungry?

Eat an apple!  Or a banana.  Let’s try to simplify…

Great Veggie to Eat RAW:  Carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers, snap peas, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, & broccoli!!!

Other yummy snacks:  Garbanzo beans in a zip lock, steamed broccoli with nutritional yeast, microwave corn,
Don’t forget berries, nuts, pears, all kinds of yummy fruit options.

2. How to get more greens

Blend up tons of spinach, put it in Tupperware in the fridge, put on everything you eat!
Soup, stir fry, burrito bowls, even salads!!!  Try to leave it un-cooked.

Eat raw broccoli.  It’s pretty good when you get used to it!?
Or cut it up really small and put it on salad, soup, stir fry, burrito bowls, salads, etc…
Watch the 5 minute steamed broccoli video click [here]

3. Romaine = Great Bread!

TACOS! Beans & veggie mush (see below) in the microwave ->
add spinach, guacamole, salsa – serve on romaine “tortillas”

WRAPS!   Hummus, avo, tomato on romaine!?

BURGERS!  Veggie burger (cooked in toaster), avo, tomato with romaine as bread!

4. Healthy proteins.

Tofu – just raw!  Try super firm.  Stir fry with some salsa & avo!
Tempeh – filling and delicious!  Stir fry with tons of veggies!
Baked Tofu – easy snack, filling and yummy in salads.
Tofu Noodles – rinse, stir fry, try avo as sauce.

Protein powder – great as a meal replacement!  Try VEGA or Garden of Life RAW.

Quinoa – only 15 minutes to cook.

Remember that Broccoli & Kale have more protein than steak per calorie!!!

5. Other Quick Stuff

Soup!  Click [here] for some great ideas!

Veggies getting old?  Throw them in the blender.  Make a veggie mush!
Microwave it with beans then throw it in bean tacos, mix it up with quinoa or quinoa noodles.
Stir fry it…  The possibilities are endless!!!

5 MORE DAYS OF DETOX!  Fuel your body and your mind, cut your cravings, feel strong inside and out, …

Strong Bodies…  Powerful Minds…


September 3, 2014


10 lb Challenge 3

  • Awesome swag

  • An award at the Kaia BRIK Party

  • Bragging rights

  • & get super FIT!


Here’s what you gotta do:
1. Commit to the challenge!
2. Take a before picture and print it
3. Grab a 10lb Challenge Page from your coach
4. Rock your KaiaLympics BRIK – Give it 110%!!!
5. Take your after pic and paste it to your page, add your final numbers
and submit it to the office.  We will take care of the rest!


Bring in your before pic this week!
It’s worth the effort!  10lbs or BUST!!!




August 28, 2014

Care, learn, EAT!

Health Nut

Everyone has their “thing” – some people are book people, movie people, bike people, sports people, fashion people, work people…

This BRIK we are going to become HEALTH NUTS!  Caring about your body, your mental clarity, your sleep, your moods, your family, your everyday and long term health is where we will start.  Of course, we all care about these things but sometimes food is higher on our priority list!!??

Let’s take this BRIK to learn about nutrition.  Learn about fiber and protein, how to read labels, and what makes us feel amazing!!!



Take time on this long weekend to clean out the cupboards and fridge.
Monday or Tuesday bring in your packaged junk food and we will drop it
off at Loaves & Fishes for you!!!

Consult the manual and Kaia Kookbook for BRIK friendly meals [here]
If you need ideas, email us! We will go over nutrition quesions &
meal plan suggestions at orientation on Tuesday.

Stick to your list.  Don’t waiver!  Use ALL of your will power at the grocery store.
Make sure you’re not hungry, organize your list so you don’t bounce around.
Try to get in and get out quickly. Then go home and have a food prep party!


We are so fortunate to be working with Whole Foods!!!  What a great duo!
The Whole Foods on Arden Way is offering Kaia girls exclusive shopping tours and recipe demos.
What a great opportunity to learn!!!  Don’t miss out!

SHOPPING TOUR (15 girls maximum per trip) Sign up at the gym.
Tuesday, Sept 2nd – 9:30-10:30am
Friday, Sept 5th – 6-7pm
HEALTHY COOKING DEMO (no maximum) Sign up at the gym.
Sunday, Sept 7- 9:30a-11:30a Peach Coconut Freeze
Thursday, Sept 11 – 9:30a-11:30a Rainbow Kale Salad
Saturday, Sept 20th – 8:30a-10:30a Root Vegetable and Tofu Scramble
Tuesday, Sept 23rd – 4p-6p Thai Noodles
Remember to email with any BRIK nutrition questions and we will get them answered at orientation!
From one HEALTH NUT to another! <3
August 21, 2014

We’re so freaking funny :)

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Kaia Sac & Kaia Carmichael.  If anyone knows how to do it right, it’s a Kaia Girl!  We have had such a blast so far this year.  I can’t wait to see what KaiaLympics has in store for Kaia Sacmichael :)


Kaia Jam Happy

Find out how to become a VIP and join in the fun. Click HERE to register!

Check out what we have in store for you for FREE VIP WEEK!  Click HERE

If you are NEW to Kaia and want to join us for our upcoming session click HERE
Brand new Kaia girls get a $50 discount this session only!!!  Use the Coupon Code:  NEW





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