June 2, 2014

A Bittersweet Post


Hello Kaia Lovelies!

Megan here, Manager and Coach at Kaia FIT Sacramento! I have been a Kaia girl for over 3 years now and a Coach and Manager for about 2 years… And what a journey it’s been! Simply put, I can’t imagine my life if I hadn’t found Kaia. In addition to making me the healthiest & fittest version of myself, Kaia has given me the most amazing community of women I could ever ask for! I’ve made healthy habits and best friends for life in this place. That’s why it is with a very heavy heart that I announce that this will be my last session.

As some of you know, I’ve worked part time with my family’s solar business for years with the long-term goal of helping run the company. Well, the long-term has arrived and my dad has asked me to come on full time. It’s what I’ve always hoped for and I’m really excited about it, but it also means leaving my job at Kaia. Being the manager and coach at a place like Kaia has been an experience I feel so lucky to have had. (Calling it a “job” really doesn’t even sound right!)

Many people enjoy being a fitness coach because it allows you to help people change their lives… But, in my opinion, the best part of the job is the people that have changed MY life. You girls are the most inspiring, motivating, and empowering women on this planet! Seriously!!

Although I won’t be at Kaia as often, I will be sure to pop in for visits and I will still be writing the workouts… So, I’m always there in spirit! (Whether you like it or not!) :)

I know it’s a bit of a cliche- but, sincerely, thank you for being YOU. Every one of you make this community exactly what it is- a unique sanctuary of awesomely fit women! Thank you for changing my life and allowing me to coach you and get to know you. Keep being amazing and I will see you soon!

Love, Megan

P.S. – The BRIK party is technically my last day so I better see all of your beautiful faces there!!


May 30, 2014

HELL Week Prep!

4% of your day

Next week is HELL WEEK! If this is your first BRIK, you might be thinking, “What the heck did I get myself into?! What the hell is HELL WEEK?!” Well, first of all, don’t be nervous! It’s just an extra awesome week of BRIK. But, I thought it might be fun to give you some Hell Week tips to make Week 5 our best week yet!

Megan’s Hell Week Survival Tips

  1. Have a good attitude! We throw some extra challenges & ‘punishment’ your way during Week 5… But remember, it’s all in good fun! Don’t over think it or get upset. Just have fun, kick A$$, and finish out BRIK with a bang!
  2. DETOX. Week 5 is our second round of detox during BRIK so you should be a pro! Take it seriously and follow the 5 NOs for another 7 days. Remember, our final assessments are just around the corner so stay strong!
  3. Camouflage. We LOVE our spirit days during Hell Week and we want to see your craziest “Hell”-ish spirit! Bust out the camo, face paint, and anything else you can think of next week! In the spirit of Kondition Kamp, add some sporty flair to your Hell Week spirit this session!
  4. Be on time. We take tardies very seriously during Hell Week so make sure you’re on time to class… Otherwise, be ready to hit the deck and give us 25 Squat Thrusts! (Important to remember #1 on this list if you’re tardy next week!)
  5. No Excuses! With 4 weeks of BRIK under your belt, you are a strong Kaia Warrior! Now is the time for commitment, relentless dedication and determination… Not excuses! Show up and give it 100% We promise you won’t regret it!!
May 26, 2014

What a weekend!

Fox 40

Kaia beauties on Fox 40 this morning!

What a weekend we have in store for you!  All your local Kaia’s are coming together to throw the biggest women’s party ever!  This weekend we are holding our first annual KAIA SUN RUN event.  300+ women all running, cheering, and having a blast for a great cause – Girls on the Run!  We are so excited that the run is sold out…  but we have plenty of fun goings on to be a part of!!!

Events this weekend!

Friday – Free Yoga Flow 5a, 6a, 7a, 8a, 5p, 6p, & 7p

Saturday – Free Yoga Flow 7a & 8a

Saturday – Free Running Clinic!  8a

Sunday – Kaia Sun Run!  8:30a Pre-Party! Come cheer & donate!

All events at:
Kaia FIT Sacramento
221 Lathrop Way, Suite A
Sacramento, CA 95815

See you there!!!

A huge thank you to all of our sponsors… 

Girls on the Run
Whole Foods
Kind Bars
Massage by Renee
Holistic by Nikki Stern
doTerra by Allison McNamara
Sac Mom’s Blog
DJ Crooner

And a big shout out to all our awesome local Kaia’s!

Granite Bay
West Sacramento
Elk Grove
Citrus Heights

May 23, 2014

Post-Detox Diet

Carm 6AM

Last week was Detox Week and we followed the 5 NOs for 7 days. If you went for it, you know it’s a challenging but rewarding process! After all that hard work and determination, it’s easy to feel like binging when it’s over. I’m here to remind you that’s not what Kaia girls do!!!

Instead of rewarding your healthy habits with unhealthy ones, continue to reward your body with nutrient dense, lean & green foods! That’s what it wants- I promise! Although you aren’t eating quite so strict this week, it doesn’t mean all good sense goes out the window.

Here are my 5 Post Detox Tips:

  1. Add back in moderation. If you choose to add dairy or carbs back into your diet, do so slowly and in moderation. No need to have a grilled cheese sandwich every day.
  2. Stick with no sugar and no alcohol. These two items are your key to weight-loss success! Stay committed to these for all 6 weeks of BRIK… And if you do, the next Detox week won’t be so tough!
  3. Keep making your own food. During Detox week, we avoid processed foods which usually means we’re food prepping and making these from scratch. These are great habits to keep, during BRIK and beyond! Get creative, try new recipes, and avoid processed foods as much as possible!
  4. Choose good substitutes. When you’re going to “treat yourself” do it with the right stuff. You should always pick honey or agave over simple table sugar. You should always choose whole wheat or whole grain over bleached flours or rices. Make these a staple of your day to day life!
  5. Think LIFESTYLE. Remember, we don’t yo-yo diet at Kaia. We are here to create long lasting, healthy habits for our life. If you feel good without something in your diet, leave it out! Encourage your family and friends to do the same!

Stay strong, Kaia girls!

May 22, 2014

Week 3 BSK Challenges


Detox Week is behind us, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to fall off track! Let’s stay on the wagon by focusing on our Weekly Challenges! These challenges are simple but a great way to stay motivated and add a little extra determination to your BRIK session!

BALANCE (First session at Kaia):

Fitness Challenge: Commit to 10 minutes of stretching every morning and evening this week.

Nutrition Challenge: Commit to NO SUGAR & NO ALCOHOL!

STRENGTH (First BRIK at Kaia):

Fitness Challenge: 5 minutes of activity when you wake up and before you go to bed.

Nutrition Challenge: Commit to the 10 COMMANDMENTS!

KAIA (more than 1 BRIK at Kaia);

Fitness Challenge: Test you 400m sprint 1 time this week!

Nutrition Challenge: Track your water intake and shoot for 100oz. every day!

May 21, 2014

Midway Assessments


We are approaching our midway BRIK Assessments (Friday), so I thought it might be a good time for a pep talk!! :)

Stepping on the scale and getting measured is not anyone’s favorite hobby… BUT it’s an important part of the journey. Here’s why:

  1. Knowing you’ll be stepping on that scale is a great motivation to stay on track with healthy habits and food journaling.
  2. If you stick to the BRIK nutrition plan, you WILL see results. After 6 weeks of hard work, you’re going to want to know how much progress you’ve made! Well, you’ll only know by stepping on the scale at the beginning, middle and end!
  3. Hopefully you’re not weighing yourself at home… In fact, throw your scale away! Obsessively weighing yourself every day or multiple times a day is an emotionally taxing habit. Make your Kaia weigh-ins your only weigh ins. This will help you look forward to Assessments as you continue to make progress!
  4. It’s just a number. As women, it’s very normal to fixate on that number on the scale. However, the journey to true health and fitness is more than just the amount of pounds you weight. How do you feel? How are your clothes fitting? What are your inches like? These things are WAY more important than the number on the scale!
  5. Muscle gain. Don’t forget, getting stronger means you’re gaining muscle. And since muscle is denser than fat, you might not drop the LBs as fast you might expect… Back to #4, keep your body composition in mind. Some girls actually gain a couple pounds but lose a couple dress sizes! Not a bad trade off!

So, as we approach our Week 3 weigh & in and measurements, I encourage you to STAY POSITIVE. Don’t over think it, don’t obsess over the number, and just trust the process. Whether your Assessments are what you want them to be or not, use them as motivation; it might be motivation to stay on track and continue to lose OR to get back on track so you’re happier with your results in Week 6! Either way, stay committed to the journey and keep kickin’ A$$! We are so proud of you!

-Megan & The Kaia Krew

May 14, 2014

The Kaia Handbag: A Girl’s Best Friend


This BRIK, we’ve provided our Kaia girls with all the materials to make their very own Kaia Handbag! Handbags (a lot like a homemade kettlebell) are a Kaia staple and the perfect way to add a little weight to any exercise you’d like!

Basically, you fill a bag with sand (usually about 10-12 pounds worth), do some duct tape work to create a handle and hold it together, and then use cute duct tape to personalize! We’ve also asked that every Kaia girl write a goal on her handbag this session to remind her of why she’s here and what she wants!

If you haven’t made your own “Kaia purse” yet, it’s time to get on it! We may even include a little ‘punishment’ next week if you don’t have yours with you… (Can’t say I didn’t warn you!) Keep it in your trunk for class and on-the-go workouts!

Ask any coach or KAT girl for handbag-making help before/after class if you haven’t made yours yet!

Who needs a Prada handbag when you can have a Kaia handbag?! ;)

May 13, 2014

We <3 Kettlebells!!

Kettlebell inspiration!

Kettlebell inspiration!

Here at Kaia, we LOVE kettlebells… And you should too! Here’s a little bit of history on kettlebells along with some great movements to try out in the gym!

Kettlebells require an athlete to focus on whole-body conditioning because lifting and controlling a kettlebell forces the entire body, and specifically the core, to contract as a group, building both strength and stability at the same time. Kettlebell workouts engage multiple muscle groups at once. In this way, they are a great option for getting a whole body workout in a short time.” (For the rest of this article, go here.)

Kettlebells are Russian in origin but have gained a lot of American popularity in the past decade thanks to Crossfit style workouts. They vary in size and can be used in countless ways.
We have kettlebells that range from 20-35 pounds at they gym. Stepping it up a notch and trying a weight a little out of your comfort zone is a great way to improve your strength! You can essentially add a kettlebell to almost any movement we do to make it harder. We also invite you to try some other fun kettlebell movements before or after class! Here are some ideas! (Try doing 3 sets of 12 next time you’re early to class!)

Snatch Pull & Push-Press SNATCH PULL & PRESS

For the rest of this workout and article from Women’s Health, go here.

If you have any questions about Kettlebells or would like a ‘spotter’ for your first try, please ask any coach for help! They are a great way to take your workout to the next level!!

May 7, 2014

Kaia Girl Testimonial: Linda T.


You Got This by Linda T. (Kaia FIT Carmichael, 5AM) 

“I’ve been considering doing a Kaia testimonial for some time, and today as I was driving to Whole Foods and thinking about what I would write, tears came to my eyes. I thought, “Okay, this must mean it’s the right time.”

A little background: I joined Kaia a year and a half ago, after my daughter, Amanda Delsohn (now owner of Kaia Oahu) and Sacramento Manager Megan DeGuerre talked me into it. I was almost 65 and thought they were crazy. I liked to hike and did a few sun salutations in the morning, but that was about it. But they convinced me, and I started at the Sacramento gym at 5 a.m.

I loved it. My muscles ached for weeks, but tired and sore as I was after every session, I grinned all the way home. Every day I tried something new. I couldn’t believe I was able to do the things I was doing. I made new friends and whenever I hesitated or struggled to keep going, an amazing Kaia girl or coach would say, “Linda, you got this.” Those words meant everything to me.

I had so little upper body strength when I joined, I couldn’t lift my bag into the overhead bins on a plane. I’m 5’3” so already a little height-challenged. But now, I toss that bag up like it’s filled with air. At pet stores, I easily fling a 40 lb. box of cat litter into my cart. As I celebrate my 66th birthday, I’m stronger than when I was at 30, my posture is better, I’m healthy and have tons of energy.

But what I wasn’t expecting is how taking physical risks has had an impact on other areas of my life. I’m friendly, but basically an introvert. Crowds made me uncomfortable, so I’d never run in events. Now, I’ve run in two 5Ks with my Kaia sisters, and have signed up for another this month.

In my jobs, I’ve almost always worked behind the scenes—and avoided public speaking. A short while ago, I attended a writer’s conference and was asked to talk to a group about a mystery novel I’d written and published. I walked to the podium and looked out at more than 200 people. My legs shook and my heart pounded. I didn’t think I could do it. Then a voice in my head said, “Linda, you got this.” I took a deep breath and when I spoke, my voice clear and confident. I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the strength of Kaia behind me.

Thanks, Kaia.”


May 6, 2014

BSK Challenge Week 1!


We kickstarted our Kondition Kamp BRIK yesterday and we are so excited for the next 6 weeks! 

This BRIK, we’ve challenged our girls to a weekly Fitness & Nutrition commitment. Kaia girls choose their level based on their time at Kaia.

Here are our Week 1 Challenges! GO FOR IT, GIRLS! 

Pick your level based on your time at Kaia:

BALANCE is for brand new Kaia girls.
STRENGTH is for Kaia girls doing their first BRIK (but have completed a CORE session).
KAIA is for Kaia girls that have done at least 1 BRIK in the past.



Fitness: Attend every class, including Saturday run!
Nutrition: Clean out your cupboards! Go shopping for BRIK friendly foods!


Fitness: Start every exercise this week in a level harder than usual.
Nutrition: Commit to NO Sugar & NO Alcohol!


Fitness: 5 minutes of activity when you wake up and before you go to bed.
Nutrition: Commit to the 10 Commandments!


May 2, 2014

Sacramento Moms Blog!


We are excited to announce our partnership with a BRAND NEW blog in Sacramento that we know you’re going to love – Sacramento Moms Blog! We think that Sacramento Moms Blog and Kaia FIT share so many of the same values and we would love for you to check them out!

About Sacramento Moms Blog
* Focuses on building moms up to be the best moms they can be!
* Written by local moms FOR local moms to build connections on and offline
* Local resource for Moms with quick access to great information (parenting tips, school related challenges, etc)  to make Mommy lives easier and richer
* Moms Nite Out & Date Night Events to connect with other moms
* Connecting you to the best “Mommy Approved” Businesses and things to do in Sacramento
* Encouragement, Inspiration and lifelong connections!
* Prizes, giveaways and swag bag fun at our events!
* Sacramento Moms Blog will even come speak at moms groups for encouragement and fun!
Check them out at sacmomsblog.com!


May 1, 2014

Assessments 101


  • “Open House” Assessments, Saturday 5/3, 9AM-NOON @ Kaia Fit Sacramento
  • Anytime before/after your class during Week 1 when a coach or trained KAT girl is available

Each BRIK session, at the beginning, middle, and end we take every Kaia girl’s assessments. Assessments include a weigh-in, body fat % measurement (on scale), and measurements of thigh, hips, waist, and chest.

Assessments are no one’s favorite thing to do and we know that the emotions associated with them range from uncomfortable to frustrating to exciting or disappointing. No matter how you feel about them, though, they are an important part of the process.

Things to keep in mind:

  • This is a great way to mark your progress! You might not like the numbers today, but you will want to know where you started so you can celebrate your achievements later!
  • They are just numbers. Assessments are an important part of the process but they are not everything! Don’t get wrapped up in every millimeter or ounce. Remember that what you can DO, not just what you weight, is a great way to track your progress! Read my blog about that here.
  • Muscle gain: Muscle takes up much less room than fat, so sometimes girls actually gain a little weight or stay the same through a BRIK although their inches go down. It’s not all about how much you weigh; instead, what is your composition like? How do you feel? How do you fit into your clothes? This matters much more! If you’re getting stronger, then you’re gaining muscle!
  •  muscle-vs-fat
  • We are all different. We all have a unique genetic make-up. Some are prone to weight gain, weight loss, or muscle gain. Accept the fact that you can’t compare yourself to the girl next to you and your body is uniquely yours! Learn to love it!
  • Body Fat % on our scales is a rough estimate calculated by your height & weight. Our scales are consistently 7-10% higher than if you had a much more accurate test done (hydrostatic testing, for example). Many women are shocked by the percent shown on the scale, so adjust in your head by about 7-10%. Although the scales are wrong, they are consistently wrong… If the number goes down at the end of BRIK, then you did lose body fat!

“Victory isn’t defined by wins or losses. It is defined by effort. If you can truthfully say, ‘I did the best I could, I gave everything I had,’ then you’re a winner.” – Wolfgang Schadler



April 30, 2014

Guest Blog by Coach Lisa!

Coach Lisa (left) and Ashly V. finishing another half-marathon!

Coach Lisa (left) and Ashly V. finishing another half-marathon!

“2, 4, 6, 8 – Who do we appreciate?” – By Coach Lisa P. 

Have you ever heard the phrase, “You are your best cheerleader”? Whether your answer is “yes” or “no”- the outcome is so positive when we put those words into action!

I have had to struggle all my life with feelings of jealousy and frustration towards those who have a faster metabolism, a more slender body, who didn’t need to make exercise their daily routine, the list goes on.  What I have learned through my two plus years at Kaia is that I was putting too much energy into thinking about others and what they do- I needed to change the focus to myself and what I need to do in order to live the healthiest, happiest life possible.

I had to take a long look within myself and ask myself a simple question “How do you feel when you go to Kaia vs. NOT going to Kaia?” The answer was point blank for me: PROUD to go. I had to realize that consistency equals progress and the things I had struggled with as far as “why do I have to do this” turned into a realization of acceptance that in order to achieve what I want- I just had to do it.  No one else but myself could do it for me.

We are all our worst critic at times. We all rely on others to influence our actions. We overanalyze how we feel and our thoughts and the “whys”… But what if we changed the way we thought?  What if we turned those negatives into positives by being proud and thankful that we KAN move our bodies?  That the hour of class is a gift to our bodies and minds because after all, research shows improved self-esteem is a key psychological benefit of regular physical activity. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins.  Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body and can be accompanied by a positive and energizing outlook on life.  Regular exercise has been proven to reduce stress, ward off anxiety, feelings of depression, boost self-esteem and improve sleep. What if we were our own best cheerleader for accomplishing our goals?  

It’s easier said than done, I get it. It is scary to step out of that comfort zone, to push past those limits but that is when true progress happens.   A team is defined as “those who come together as a group to achieve a common goal.”  Kaia is our team but each of us are a key player for our own growth and progress.  We are so lucky to have friends and fellow women who know our journeys, our struggles, our weaknesses.  We are so lucky to have these same women know our accomplishments, our passion, our strengths and to share this journey with us.  We start a marathon with one step and only you can control when that step happens.  Along this marathon we control our pace, we hear that voice inside our head. We control whether it says “I can’t do this- stop” or “I KAN do this and I WILL do this!” Along this marathon we pass by friendly faces who are running the race as well or cheering us on.  It is a beautiful, empowering journey filled with beautiful empowering women who cheer us along this marathon called “life”.  I urge you to be your own best cheerleader and stand proud of your body, your mind, your accomplishments and your past because thru acknowledging our past, we can learn for our futureJ  So, let’s all grab those Kaia pom poms and cheer ourselves on with a big ‘ol “2-4-6-8- Who do we Appreciate?” May your answer be “myself”!!!

April 23, 2014

Calendar of Events! Don’t Miss Out!


Good Morning Kaia Girls!

We are wrapping up Week 5 of “Green Means GO” and BRIK is just around the corner… But, as you might have noticed, there is an “off” week between sessions.

Don’t fear! We have lots of fun in store to keep you moving next week!

CLICK HERE to download the calendar! Attend as many of our free classes as you can! 

*Free classes are for current Kaia Sacramento & Carmichael girls only.

Please note, all new girls should attend our BRIK Orientation on Saturday, May 3 @ 9AM! And ALL Kaia girls should pop in to do their pre-BRIK Assessments (weigh-in & measurements) that day between 9-NOON! 


April 21, 2014


Vega Event

Vega (vay-gah) is coming to Kaia FIT Sac!  Vega is an remarkable company that makes plant-based whole food products designed for a an athletic lifestyle!  Vega says, “Whether your goal is to manage weight, enhance athletic performance, or find a nutritious option on-the-go, there’s a Vega product made for you. Find out which plant-based Vega product was made to fuel your journey.”

If you wake up feeling exhausted every time the alarm goes off, if you are dragging around 3pm everyday, if you have digestive issues, complicated health issues, bloated stomach, even allergies!  Easily digestible plant-based supplements are the way to go.  Your smoothie should not be your junk food!

Jen Randazzo is a certified dietician and an expert from Vega.  She is coming to talk to us about what you need before, during, and after a workout, what you need to maintain energy, and other key supplements that help prevent inflammation and quick recovery.  Plus she’s bringing free samples :)

Saturday, April 26th at 8:00-9:00a

Kaia FIT Sacramento – 221 Lathrop Way, Suite A Sacramento, CA 95815

Vega products sold at Whole Foods, Sacramento Whole Foods Co-Op, and other health food markets.  Also soon to be sold at Kaia Sac!!




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